Saturday, October 18, 2008

Basil and Chillies

Now that I have started cooking more regularly, I wanted to have easy access to fresh ingredients, something on the line of going to the backyard and picking my own vegetables and herbs.  Unfortunately, the house does not have a real backyard but we have a small courtyard.  That was by choice because when we first looked at houses, we wanted something extremely low maintenance and we did not want a backyard.  Now, I would really like a garden, nothing big but enough spaces to plant a few things.  For now, this courtyard is enough to house my new basil and chilli plants!  I secured them from my dad who has a green thumb so they are currently in good health.  Everyday after work, I immediately go outside to water them.  I am hoping that I can keep these two plants alive. 

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the kasl said...

Its nice that you have started a home garden. Try tomato planting also