Monday, February 18, 2008

Taco Soup & Mushroom Masala

Well, since I am normally very busy during the week, I try to cook during the weekend. It's a good set-up because we can pack the food for lunches and have healthy dinners after work. There is no need to think about what to make when you are hungry and tired at night. I have been making this taco soup which is basically a bean soup for 3x so far, and we both are still not sick of it. It's very filling and warms up nicely in the microwave. One batch of soup will last about 3-4 days for the both of us. Normally this soup calls for grounded beef, but grounded turkey is leaner and lower in calories.

In addition to the soup, I also made mushroom masala because we bought a HUGE package of mushrooms from Costco over the weekend because it was so cheap! I decided to use ALL of the mushrooms because I didn't want them to spoil. After cutting them up, there were about 10 cups worth of mushrooms and I have to pull out wok to cook them in because we didn't have any pans large enough. I imagine that we will both be eating mushroom masala for the rest of this week, maybe into next week too if it is still good. Hm, what can you add to reduce the spice if you added too much spice? I realize some of the pictures are a little dark, but I am not too experienced with taking pictures well yet, so hopefully I can figure out the trick soon.

See, in the last picture, HUGE thing of mushroom anybody hungry?

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