Sunday, February 10, 2008

Healthy South Indian Cooking - Zucchini Kootu

Today, I've decided to cook a mushroom dish before the mushroom spoils, but too late, it was spoiled so that went into the trash. After looking at the vegetable remaining in the fridge, I decided to make Zucchini Kootu, mainly because that's the only thing left. I made this dish by following a recipe from this book that was recently purchased from Amazon, Healthy South Indian Cooking by Alamelu Vairavan and Patricia Marquardt.

I had almost everything required to make this dish but coconut powder (which was substituted with shredded coconut) and assafoetida powder.

Karthik said it's a little bit sweet and it's missing something but it's OK (3 stars out of 5)! He initially said he was full and will eat a little but after he finished the first serving, went back for second! YAY! Sadly we did not eat it with chips because we are on diets.

Until next dish...


the kasl said...

Very nice begining Nikki. Looking forward to seeing further south indian cooking


arch said...

Hey Nikki...I liked the pic which captures kar's expression... :) well good to know that u r cooking south iundian stuff..looks like soon I will b calling you to find out recipes... :)

- Arch