Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dimsum with friends

Two weeks ago, on a lazy Saturday we had DIMSUM with some friends. Dimsum are little treats that you normally eat for breakfast or brunch. It is a light Chinese cuisine consisting of many little dishes ordered ala carte. The best thing about dimsum is the variety of seafood, meat, vegetable, and even fruit and dessert dishes. All perfect to share with friends and family members. We met up with John, my college friend, his girlfriend, Trang, and Kar's work friend Mike.

John and Trang


Kar & Me

You can get your food when these carts come by your table. I never know the names of these Chinese dishes so we basically pointed to what we wanted. Basic communication but very effective.

Then, how they bill you was putting a mark on a sheet like this. Dishes fall into certain price range. You need to be vigilant because sometimes it becomes very hectic and people might put an extra mark here or there. Not common, but happens sometimes.

Some of the food dishes

Food spread out on the table - YUMMY!

Special mention - Chicken feet, considered to be a Chinese delicacy. This were chicken feet that were fried, boiled, marinated in a sweet black bean sauce, and steamed. They're soft and chewy.

Mike was brave enough to try one. He said it's not bad but too chewy for his taste. He is not likely to try this dish again for awhile. My dad loves this stuff.

The full group together.

We ended the day with 2 games of Killer Bunnies, 1 ticket to ride, and some random Taboo!
Good times...

Actually, on the way home, Kar and I stopped for a Korean dessert, pat bing soo which is very popular in Korea and gaining momentum in the US. It is shaved ice with fresh fruit and sweetened red bean. It is also drizzle with milk, fresh and sometimes condensed milk. Really delicious summer treat.

We ended the day with...a rainbow in the sky!

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arch said...

yumm.... thats a lot of gud food and well looks like u guys had a fun day out!!! :)