Wednesday, July 2, 2008

FOOD, Food, food...

I had wanted to keep this blog updated regularly but on a day that I had wanted to post last week, this site wasn't working right so now, all the pictures are piling up and I cannot recall properly when I made these food.

I think on Tuesday last week, I was browsing for some chicken recipe on and stumbled upon this REALLY popular chicken dish - Japanese Chicken Drumsticks (drumsticks because they are Kar's favorite.) Over +500 people seemed to be happy with this recipe so I made it. It was easy and pretty tasty, with hardly any fat. I removed some of the skin and kept some skin (fatty!) because Kar likes the skin. The picture does not too look too tasty cuz it was dark when we took the pictures but very easy and delicious with rice.

Then, sometimes last week - can't remember now, we ate Tilapia and rice for dinner. This is why I should post regularly but ahhh I was busy browsing internet and watching movies at night. No time for updating this blog. I also made one of Kar's favorite Korean dish - normally it is a banchan (side dish) and he lovessssssss it. We eat at this one Korean/Japanese restaurant called Takamatsu and we always ask for extra of this fish cake.

Tilapia/Salad/Zucchini (my dinner)

Tilapia/Fishcake/Rice/Yogurt (Kar's dinner)

Kar was quite happy due to the fish cakes - he loves that stuff...

Below, fish cake preparation

Recipe Link: Japanese Mum's Chicken
Recipe Link: Fish Cake Stir Fry

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